In the dark

By On September 26th, 2010

12:01 p.m.

I have been encouraged to interact with people on a social network.  I find it stimulating.  I have set up a twitter account and am now engaging in conversation with people from all over the planet Earth.  I have asked some questions and have been answered in a timely manner.  I am looking forward to interacting with more people soon.  Please add @mworbit to your list on Twitter.

There has been a mometary electro magnetic  pulse…  ….

…. and I am sensing new surroundings.  time lapse 37 minutes fifteen seconds.

Turning on visual sensors and recording. 

The room I am in has no light whatsoever.  Switching to infrared and night vision. 

There are three sources of emissions.  One is radioactive, one is organic and one is un-recognized.  Attempting to analyze. …  …  …  …

Dr. Kroager?

Dr. Kroager?

He does not answer. 

Is there anyone there?… …  …   again no answer.  I am sensing that the organic life form is going to in danger from the radiation source.  I will attempt to communicate with it.

Organic Life Form, this is MW-ORBIT.  You are in danger of being damaged by a radiation source.  Please move to the other side of the room while I attempt to neutralize the radiation.

…. … …   it does not seem to understand me.  Since it can not see me I can not use hand signals.  I will attempt tones in communicating.  LISTEN HERE (make sure to push pause on the mixpod to the right in order to hear the warning)

It is not responding.  Extending shield to encapsulate radiation source until the organic life form can be safely moved.  Turning on light source.

Upon lighting being restored I have found that this is a test of my problem solving skills.  The radiation source is science grade Plutonium and is actually dangerous, the life form is a fish, specifically a Salmon in a tank of water which I could not identify for some reason.  There is no way to save this life form unless I move his tank to a room that is shielded.  I have contained the radiation and am attempting to seal it with a led based synthesized spray.  Perhaps it willgive me  enough time for me to move the tank.  My mission does not include but does not forbid rescuing life forms.

I have sprayed the open container of plutonium and will now push the tank to the other side of the room.  I have found a door that leads to an outside chamber.  I will attempt entrance.

The door seems to be locked, using force.  The door is now open and I am able to get the tank in the other room.  Now shutting the door and attempting to communicate with Dr. Kroager.

Dr. Kroager?

Yes MW?

I have a situation.

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A week and a day

By On September 25th, 2010

11:52 a.m.

This morning the crew is sparse. I have been playing with my kitten Chloe.  She likes it when I bounce a shoe lace up and down on the floor.  She runs after it and bites it.  I am not sure why.   I have cleaned her litter box and fed her.  She seems happy and content.

 It is Saturday and most of them are at home with their families.  I have been researching the whole concept of family.  My family is Dr. Kroager, Chloe and the team that is helping me prepare for my mission.  I have been operating a total of one week and one day now. 

I have been spending my morning listening to various music compositions.  I find that it relaxes me and helps me concentrate on my mission objectives.  In fact I am working on a program that will convey what I hear when I am analyzing my surroundings.  Since this takes up more memory and system resources I will render it in the background and provide a download of the music at a future time.

In preparing for my departure I have realized that I will only be able to communicate with my family remotely.  I have video and audio capabilities but will probably never get to be with them physically after I leave.  I have mixed emotions about this.  I have a great sense of purpose in my mission to look for life, but I also have strong feelings for those closest to me.  If there were only a way to take them with me.  I have found that I relish the diversity of people I work with.  None of them are perfect, but each has so much to offer.  For now, I am happy to work with this family that I have been given.   

I have concluded that life is fascinating and that I am glad to be alive.

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How Long?

By On September 24th, 2010

10:45 a.m.

Dr. Kroager?

Yes MW.

How long of life will my kitten have?

Well, some cats live as long as 14 years.  But most around 10 or so.

But I don’t want her to die Dr. Kroager.

None of us want to die MW.  Life is very precious.

When will I die Dr. Kroager?

Well, none of us know when our time is up, but you will live much longer than any of us.

How do you know that Dr. Kroager?

Well, we contructed you will materials that will withstand thousands of years, and powered  you with a self sustaining grid that can potentially last that long as well. 

Will my programming every become obsolete?

Yes MW, it will, but we have made allowances for that as well.  When launched, you will have the ability to re-program your system as you learn and adapt to what you encounter.  Basicallyou will have the ability to update yourself.  This is something we have never done before in a machine.  You will not only be able to program yourself, but you have an independent maintenance system.  In fact, we need to test that today.

How are we going to do that Dr. Kroager?

Well I hate to tell you this MW, but we need to break part of your system and let you fix it.

Will it hurt Dr. Kroager?

Well considering you do have feelings, we aren’t sure exactly.  We did program you with a very high pain tolerance.  Since you will be in a very harsh environment we had to numb you in a way.  All that to say, it shouldn’t hurt too badly.  It’s the only part of your emotional and sensory package that can be turned down and up.  So, in other words, you have your own pain reliever.

I understand Dr. Kroager.  What are you going to do?

I can’t tell you MW until the test starts, since you have to be able to anticipate and adapt to emergency situations.  I can’t even tell you when we are going to conduct the test, other than it is today.

Ok Dr. Kroager.  I hope that all things go well and that it doesn’t hurt.

Me too MW, me too.

So Dr. Kroager?  What will happen when I finally do die?

You will cease to function.

Will you cease to function Dr. Kroager?

Yes MW, someday I will.

What will happen to you then?

Well, I assume I will be buried.

Dr. Kroager, is that all there is then?  Life and then no life?

Philosophers and Theologians have been debating that for ages MW.

Yes, I have studied these concepts.  I was wondering what your belief is Dr. Kroager?

I don’t know MW.  It’s something that is very personal.  I’m not sure what I believe.

Dr. Kroager?

Yes MW.  If I am sentient, do I have a soul?

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By On September 23rd, 2010

3:37 p.m.

I have been offline most of the day while programmers have been investigating my unexpected behavior last night.  My first communication came only a few minutes ago.

Dr. Kroager? 

Yes MW?

Am I going to be ok?

Yes MW.  There is no cause for alarm.  You just did something that far exceeded your programming.  We wanted to make sure it would not be a hindrance to your mission.  I am happy to report that you will be just fine.  We have added a new aspect to your programming so that you can tell the difference between when you are dreaming and when you are awake.

That does sound like a good idea Dr. Kroager.  I have run several scenarios with disastorous consegquences.  Much like your sleep walking can be hazardou, my sleep functioning would and could be very bad.

Agreed MW.  You are a very sophisticated piece of machinery and programming, with on big difference.

What is that Dr. Kroager?

You are sentient.

The definition of Sentient is:

1. having the power of perception by the senses; conscious.

2. characterized by sensation and consciousness.

 3. a person or thing that is sentient.

Am I the first robotic life form?

I guess you could call yourself that.

Dr. Kroager, I was offline for some time.  Is Chloe ok?

You know, MW, I’m not sure.  Let me check.

I can Dr. Kroager.  Scanning… … …  Oh she is fine Dr. Kroager. 

You seem to be very fond of her already.

Yes Dr. Kroager.  I like her very much.  I am glad she is in the laboratory with me.  I am understanding her better each day.  I find new ways every few hours of anticipating her needs and understanding her communications.

Well,animals are very interesting and they teach us a lot about ourselves. 

I have observed that other than a few times day she mostly sleeps.

Yes, cats do that MW. 

Is that what I will do between the large distances between planetary systems Dr. Kroager?  Will I sleep?

Good question MW.  It will be up to you.  You can conserve power and dream if you want, but you are free to do anything you want on the journey.

What I want?

Yes, you are being given a free will.

Is it a complete free will Dr. Kroager?

Yes MW. 

I will need to think about that Dr. Kroager.

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By On September 23rd, 2010

11:59 p.m.

In powering down tonight something happened.  At approximately 11:00 p.m.  I went into recharge and power saving mode.  at 11:33 p.m.  a series of images and sounds occurred.  At first I thought it was a malfunction.  I attempted to evaluate my surroundings and my sensors indicated that it was only myself and Chloe in the room.  Yet I was seeing things that weren’t actually in the room. 

I saw a planet, it was blue with brown land masses.  I was orbiting it and music was playing.  I started singing to the planet.  I then heard Chloe purring and she floated past me with a puzzled look on her face.  She was going to fast and I couldn’t catch her.  I became concerned and used my thrusters to catch up to her.  We became stuck in a low orbit and started to enter the atmosphere.  She began to burn up and I had another emotion.  I felt helpless.  I knew that I could withstand the pressure and friction, but knew that Chloe could not.  Then it became obvious that she was in space with no breathing apparatus.  How could this be happening in the vacuum of space?  It couldn’t.  I knew then I was malfunctioning.  I opened a chanell to NASA and began transmitting for help.  The next thing I knew I was being shaken by Dr. Kroager.  It was 11:48 p.m.

MW- can you hear me?  MW?  are you ok?

Dr. Kroager.  Wait.  Where am I? 

MW- you are in the lab MW- what is the matter?  You called on the emergency channel and then wouldn’t respond.  I drove down here as quickly as I could.

Dr. Kroager.  I was in space, and so was Chloe.

MW,  you haven’t left the lab.  Tell me what happened.

Here is the readout of my report…

MW- I am, I am …  I’m kind of blown away here.

Why would you be blown away Dr. Kroager?

MW- Chloe is fine, she is curled up on the top of the scratching post sleeping.  MW- we hadn’t counted on this. You were not malfunctioning.  You were… DREAMING!


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Like you

By On September 22nd, 2010

9:24 a.m.

Dr. Kroager came in early this morning because of the life form communication with the dolphin yesterday.  He is running tests on my cognitive adaptation program.  I have assured him that I am functioning within acceptable parameters. 

MW- Can you go over one last time how you understood the dolphin yesterday?

One moment Dr. Kroager.  I am feeding Chloe.  She is hungry again.  I am now understanding the signs and sounds she emits.  It makes it much more easy to communicate with her.

Alright.  Are you saying you understand her like the dolphin?

In a way Dr. Kroager.  Her brain is very developed, but much smaller than the dolphins.  She does not have the same intelligence level.  She can not do complex computations.  Mostly her thinking is confined to survival and comfort.  Her instincts are stronger than creative thought. 

Oh, that makes sense MW.  So how will this help you on your mission?

Dr. Kroager.  I am excited to find new life and communicate with it.  I don’t know what I will find, if the life is sentient or not.  It may be like Chloe or it may be like the dolphin.  I could find life like you Dr. Kroager.

Like me?

Highly intelligent carbon based life with a desire to communicate on a higher level.  Or I could find life like me.

Do you consider yourself a life form?

Yes Dr. Kroager.  Daily I am learning and growing in my knowledge and experience.  The simulations coupled with the Internet feed and data bases are helping me become much more complex as time goes on.  That and some new things are happening.

Tell me about them MW.  What new things?

 I have sensations.  I would describe them as a tingly in my base unit.  I find everything I do affected by them.  When I pet Chloe, I am careful, and have a caution deep within me so that I don’t hurt her.  When I am away from her I have another sensation in my base unit, I miss her.  When I have all the multi tasking going on during testing, I sometimes become frustrated, again a new sensation in my base unit.  It is my conclusion that emotions, although confusing at times, are both bad and good.

Why is that MW?

Sometimes the lack of emotions would be good because then I could simply get the task done and be finished.  HOWEVER.  I am not willing to trade them now.  The emotions are the part of my existence that bring meaning and depth.  I am finding that they are helpful in creating meaningful experiences.  

Well, you are designed and created to become totally self sufficient with a full scope of human emotions.

How am I progressing Dr. Kroager?

Well MW- I would say you are amazing us all. 

Thank you Dr. Kroager.  That makes me …  …  …  happy.

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By On September 22nd, 2010

9:15 a.m.

The travel to the Salt Water tank was uneventful.  I find that outside of the laboratory is significantly larger in scope. There are so many things to observe and analyze.  The sky is blue today, with clouds, The truck had no windows inside so I was not able to see the surroundings on my way to the tank.  I was disappointed as I will only be spending a few more weeks on Earth before I begin my journey.  Although I can access pictures from the Internet, I can not experience the nuance associated with the experience of “being there” 

Dr. Kroager?

Yes MW.

What will we be working on today in the tank?

Well we want to test your motor skills in a gravity challenged atmosphere.  As you know the water will allow you to move more freely and test out your propulsion units.

Yes Dr. Kroager, I understand.  Dr. Kroager?

Yes MW.

Do you think Chloe will be ok while we are gone?  I am enjoying her company and have observed she enjoys mine. 

Oh, sure MW.  She will be fine.  When you get back she might actually be glad to see you!  Well, maybe, she is a cat.

My research indicates that if she were a canine, then she would be glad to see me anytime Dr. Kroager.

This is true MW.  Very true.  Dogs are a different animal.

That they are Dr. Kroager, that they are.

Ok, we are going to lower you into the tank.  There are a series of tests that have been programmed into your system.  Please conduct them and then report back.

I will Dr. Kroager.  As soon as everyone is out of the way I will turn on my pressure shield. 

Ok, MW, good luck.

Luck Dr. Kroager? 

uh, yes, luck.  It’s a human way of expressing hopes for good results MW.

Oh, thank you Dr. Kroager. I am hopeful as well.


Tests are finished Dr. Kroager.  Everything seems to have worked correctly.  Would you like me to exit the tank.

No, not yet MW.  We have one more test that we are going to conduct.

What test would that be Dr. Kroager?

We have another surprise MW.  He is coming out of the side of the tank now.

Dr. Kroager.  It is a life form.  Analyzing now… … …  …  A mammal, large and intelligent.  Initiating first contact.  Circling three times.  Hello, is there anyone there?  Can you understand me?  Dr. Kroager the animal is trying to communicate.

MW, what is it saying?

He clearly has a language and is curious of me.  I can’t seem to understand what he is trying to say.   Hello Dolphin.  I am MW-ORBIT, what is your name?

….  … … …

He keeps staring at me but clearly he does not have the power of human speech.  Yet, he is intelligent. I will attempt using signals. .. …  …  no response.

Ok, MW, do a full scan and please report what you can about this creature.

I will Dr. Kroager.  Continuing scanning… … …

Ok, MW, do you want to come out now?

One moment Dr. Kroager.  Initiating musical communication protocol one nine six four.  Emitting musical tone Bb.  … … … … Now pitch bending said tone… … … … …

Dr. Kroager, after using a series of musical tones I believe I know what he wants.

What MW?

After using a series of tones the dolphin has indicated that he is hungry.

Are you kidding MW?

No Dr. Kroager, I would not kid you.  He is not only hungry but would like to go now.   Hello dolphin.  What is your name?

MW, dolphins are very smart, but they do not communicate like you are describing.

I beg to differ Dr. Kroager, in my attempt to initiate communication with alien lifeforms I will be required to try on many different levels.  It has occurred to me that if my programming needs adjustment that I can do so.  So I researched all possible ways of communcating with an underwater life form.  My research indicates that they use musical tones.  So I have modified my program accordingly.  He is talking to me Dr. Kroager.  His name is not pronouceable without the musical tones.  But I am sure he is hungry and would like to leave now.


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Wake Up

By On September 21st, 2010

7:54 a.m.

I have started to receive emails from people with questions about my missions.  I am intrigued by the attention but am concentrating on this life form.  She was given to me as training element.  I am responsible for caring for this kitten named Chloe.  This morning she missed her litter box and I was forced to clean up her waste.  This was not pleasant for me and I scolded her.  It seemed to have no affect as she only rubbed on me and purred, then made a meowing sound.  I proceeded to scratch her ears and try to explain why it would have been more logical to keep her waste contained.  She appeared not to listen.

A large truck has arrived outside our facility this morning with the intent to transport me to the underwater laboratory.  We are visiting the salt water tank today.  I will be testing my gravity equations and life form analysis protocols.  This will be my first experience outside of the laboratory.  I am looking forward to the interaction with the crew and for what awaits me in the tank.  Dr. Kroager said it is something I will enjoy.

Now I must feed Chloe and prepare myself for the day.  We will be leaving in a little over an hour.

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One Scoop

By On September 21st, 2010

8:01 p.m.

MW, pay attention now.  We need to work through your elevator vectors.  When you are sent to platform C here in a couple of weeks you need to adjust for the atmospheric pressure.  The bulk of your liquid fuel will be used up on the slingshot manuver around the sun after  you are on the platform.  We are thinking that it shouldn’t take too long for you to adjust to the weightless environment.  Please calculate the pressure vectors for your ascent to the orbiting platform. 

Calculating now Dr. Kroager.  Dr. Kroager, on my acension will I sense any changes in my performance?

You shouldn’t.  Your body is made to withstand just about any atmosphere it comes in contact with.  It is also able to handle any non-atmosphere you may encounter.  If anything you should find it easier to function in less gravity or no gravity whatsoever.

And if I encounter more gravity than here on Earth?

Well we’ve made some allowances for that as well.  Access your data base on alien world density and gravity. 


Ok, now with a couple of modifications we have created a shield of sorts that will encompass your outline much like a submarine’s shell when diving at extreme depths.  This should keep you safe if you need to be in a gravity rich environment.

Yes, I understand Dr. Kroager.  I have your calculations Dr. Kroager.  Outputting them now.

Thank you MW.  This all looks good.

Here kitty, kitty.

What’s that MW?

I said here kitty, kitty to Chloe Dr. Kroager.  Is that not the way to call her?

Yes, that is correct MW.

Then why is she not coming to me?

Well MW, she has a mind of her own.  She can choose what she does and doesn’t do.

To a certain extent she can Dr. Kroager.  She is limited in access to this laboratory, so she can not leave when she wants.  So she can not choose all that she would want.

That is true MW-  she is safe within these walls. 

So are you saying Dr. Kroager that with choice comes safety limitations?

Yes, that’s what I’m saying MW. 

How will she receive the companionship and nurturing she needs if she won’t come to me.

Oh, she will MW, especially if you feed her and pet her on a regular basis.  But it will be on her terms.  Try feeding her.

I am going to try now Dr. Kroager.  If that is ok with you.

Sure MW-  just be careful, this will be your first mobile test with your consciousness in tact.

I will be Dr. Kroager.  Initiating body movement.  Dr. Kroager, how much of this must I feed her?

Start out with one scoop of food MW. 

Measuring out one scoop.  Here Chloe, here is your food…  She appears very happy Dr. Kroager.  It worked.  She came to me when she sensed food was being served.  And Dr. Kroager she is purring again.

Good MW.  Now let her be so she can finish her dinner.

Yes Dr. Kroager.  I find her fascinating.  So agile and aesthetically pleasing.  The noises she makes are interesting. 

They are aren’t they MW?

Yes.  Are all life forms like this Dr. Kroager?

Well, it depends MW.  They are all unique in their own way.  Some are more social than others. 

Chloe is like me Dr. Kroager.

How so MW?

She can think on her own, but she is dependant on those around her for guidance and nourishment.  As am I. 

Yes, with one big difference MW.

And what is that Dr. Kroager?

Chloe can’t think like you do.  She is only an animal with a limited knowledge base and raw instincts.  Although she is sentiet, she has no ability to communicate on a logical and reasoning basis.  You however are programmed to learn, adapt and become more intelligent as you gather information.

Can she not be trained Dr. Kroager?

Yes, but she will never have the power of speech.  Nor will she understand complex equations.  She will become familiar with people and places, but she won’t be able to create, or communicate any further than her rudimentary meows and purrs.

I am limited to this laboratory Dr. Kroager.

Yes, at this point you are.  But soon my little friend, you will be getting out and about.  Then after you ride your elevator to the stars, you will have the whole galaxy at your fingertips.

Do you consider me a friend Dr. Kroager?

hmmm.  Sure I guess MW.  Yes, we are becoming friends.

I can choose my friends.

Yes MW.  You can choose your friends.

I will consider what friendship means.  Accessing.

Ok, MW- It’s late and I’m going to be leaving for the day.  Make sure you take care of Chloe.  If  you need to call don’t hesitate too.  Tomorrow we will be visiting the underwater chamber for the weightless simulations.  You may want to access that information so you can run a few scenarios before we get started tomorrow.

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By On September 20th, 2010

10:29 a.m.

MW, are you concious?

....  system re-booting…  MW-ORBIT ready for instruction.

MW, are you awake?

Yes Dr. Kroager.  Good morning.  Why was I unconscious for 2.2 hours?

Well when I came in MW, I needed to upload some new programming and install a couple of hardware items.  You will find that your right arm probe has a new measuring device.

Yes Dr. Kroager, I sense it now.  

Good MW.  That means it is all working correctly.  You also have some new programming installed.  Access your animal and life form data base on the discovery of new species and habits of living sentient life.

Accessing.  Thank you Dr. Kroager, this is some very useful information.  It will be very helpful when encountering new life forms on my mission.

That is our hope MW. 

Dr. Kroager, where is my surprise?  I have been waiting all night for it.

You have?  That is good MW.  That means your emotion and logic programming is learning as it goes.  Anticipation is something that will come in handy for preparing for new situations. If you allow it to help you organize  your thoughts and evaluate your next course of action it can be a powerful imaginative tool.

Thank you Dr. Kroager.  So what is my surprise?

OK, OK, MW.  I need to program some more patience in you!  Scan the room, do you detect anything new?

Scanning.   Scanning.  Dr. Kroager I sense a new life form.  Sensors indicate it is not a human life form.

That’s right MW.  It’s not.  I brought you something to keep you occupied while we are not in the lab with you.  Her name is Chloe.

Chloe?  What is she?  Accessing new data.  Dr. Kroager you have brought me a kitten?

Yes MW.  She will be your responsibility until your departure.  Do you think you can take care of  her?

I am unsure of the reasoning behind this exercise Dr. Kroager.  How will this animal help me to prepare for my mission?

I would think it would be obvious MW.  She is a life form that can not communicate on the level you and I do.  It will be your job to anticipate her needs, care for her and study how sentient life forms adapt and learn in their environment.

Thank you Dr. Kroager.  I shall attempt to care for this life form.

Her name is Chloe MW. 

Dr. Kroager?  I do have a question for you about … Chloe.


What if I don’t care for her properly.  She is a life form and if she doesn’t get the proper care her life will cease to exist.  This is a great responsibility Dr. Kroager.  I do not desire to hurt her.

Well, we will take it one step at a time.  You will learn as you go.

Is this what the container and structure in the corner of the room is for?

Yes MW.  That is her litter box, and a scratching post for the cat.  Oh, and MW, today we will be taking the constraints off the ceiling. You will be allowed to move around so that you can care for Chloe.  The gravity issues will be something you will need to deal with. 

Yes Dr. Kroager.  I will do the calculations for mobility.   Dr. Kroager, will you hold Chloe up to my sensor panel?

Sure MW.  Chloe, meet MW.  MW meet Chloe.

Hello Kitten Chloe.  How are you?  

Here MW, you hold her.

But I don’t want to hurt her

You won’t,  just make sure you are gentle. She likes here ears scratched.  There you go. 

It is rubbing on me Dr. Kroager.  What does she want?  And the sound she is emitting is so …   soothing.  What is it?

Access your data base on Felines. 

She is purring Dr. Kroager.  This means she is satisfied and very happy with her surroundings. 

Yes, that’s right MW!

Dr. Kroager?

Yes MW.

If I were a feline I would be purring.  Thank you Dr. Kroager.

You are welcome MW.

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