Planet M-47

By On December 3rd, 2010

After reverting to my original programming and upgrading my speech synthesizer, I have resumed my mission.  I have orbited many planets now and have found no life whatsoever.  After finding some type of communication device on M-38 it has let me to it’s origin point.  I am  now approaching Planet M-47.  My sensors indicate possible life forms.  Orbiting three times… …  …  Finally after all this time I think I have found life.  Words can not express my happiness.  I can only hope this will actually be intelligent life.  Now initiating greetings…

Greetings, I am MW-ORBTI from the Planet Earth.  Is there anyone there?

“youiop=[a soie4h8090==nfo8h o98okn.,djlu”

Communications established now making first contact.

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