Damaged, Reboot, Searching

By On November 18th, 2010

I have been damaged, but have repaired my systems as much as I could.  There are great blocks of information missing. I am not sure how much time has elapsed since my accident.   I am not able to compute my actual location.  My star charts and maps have been damaged.  My only choice was to reboot all of my systems and go to the core of my mission: TO SEEK OUT LIFE IN THE MILKY WAY GALAXY AND REPORT BACK  HOME IF I FIND ANY.  I am now resuming that mission, but with seemingly no communication with Dr. Kraoger.  I will still send my reports in hopes that he is receiving them back home. 

Planet M-38.  Scanning.  Scanning.


Sending out message on all frequencies.

“This is MW-ORBIT from the planet Earth.  Is there anyone there?”


… …. …..

8.6 hours have elapsed.  No reply.  Moving on to planet M-39.

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