Are you there Dr. Kroager?

By On November 8th, 2010

Dr. Kroager?  Are you there? 

After experiencing significant turbulence while traveling through a wormhole I have been attempting self repair.  My systems were shaken to the point of some disconnects and if it wasn’t for the stabilization shields I don’t think I would even be reporting now. I have been spending the last 12 hours repairing loose wires and connecting some vital systems and back up systems. It is a slow tedious process.

The wormhole was fascinating but my overide protection program prevented me from analyzing everything the way I should have.  I am trying to go back and evaluate the data I recorded.  I was able to interpret the experience musically, but there are many unanswered questions:

1.  Where am I know?

2.  How fast did I travel?

3.  What systems are still not functioning?

My communication system is damaged in some way, otherwise I would like to talk to Dr. Kraoger and Chloe.  I miss them.  I find that during times of great stress and malfunction I tend to start thinking of those I care about.  I suppose this is a human quality. 

I am all alone. 

Dr. Kroager and I spoke many times of human faith in God.  I asked if I had a soul, since I can feel.  We didn’t come to any conclusion since I am classified as one of the first artificial life forms.  He said he would leave that for me to decide.

 I did find that when I communicated with Dr. Kroager, I felt loved and understood.  Now that I can not reach him I am feeling isolated from my creator.  I wonder if that is how humans feel when they face uncertainties?  If only I could speak to him and ask him for help. 

Isolation and lonliness are not good feelings.  I much prefer the company of my friends and loved ones. 

Dr. Kroager?  Are you there? 

I am getting no reply at all.

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