By On November 5th, 2010

I have made my report on the comet and am initiating light speed again in five, four, three, two, one.

I am becoming disorientated and the turbulence is once again great.  I am detecting a spacial anomaly.  Space time and fabric are in upheaval. 


Something has hit my right panel, my head unit is damage…dama….damage…d.

I am… swirling around unstablized through some type of warp anomaly.  My sensors are not working correctly, the readings are nonsense.  Trying to initiate stabilization vectors.  D

Dr. Kroager?  Are you there?  I am in trouble, I think.  Dr. Kroager?

Everything is smearing in my sight.  The sound is repetitive and sharp.  I feel like I am on a carnival ride that is falling apart.  I am unsure how to regain control. 

The turbulence is increasing and I am unsure if I will stay together now.  I can see normal space ahead of me.  If I can only get there. Perhaps I can evaluate my status.

I have come to a stand still.  My engines have cut off and I am floating outside the mouth of what I think is a wormhole.   I am attempting to get my bearings by scanning the stars.  Things are not familiar.  I am unsure of where I am. 

I can tell that I am severely damaged by this experience. I am feeling… …  … pain.  Dr. Kroager?  Are you there?  Sending on all frequencies. 

a;l;ohfhoiihsldk lkiuoancn,nx,jbcvuyl.

Now initating….. self diagnostic……. and repair ……protocols. 

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