Time Paradox

By On November 1st, 2010

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MW?  Thank goodness it’s you!  How are you?  Where are you now?

I am well  on my way Dr. Kroager. I am functioning properly and am doing very well thank you.   I am taking readings of a celestial phenomena-  Now sending my report.  How are you?  And how is Chloe?


MW, 9 years have passed since we last spoke.  We have recieved little reports here and there from you, but have not had this significant amount of communication in many years.   Your reports are fascinating and are recieved with applause and awe. Chloe is getting up in years now.  You will be happy to know that over her liftime she had three batches of kittens and has lived a very long satisfying life.  She is getting tired now, but often rubs on the hologram of you in our home an purrs.   She lives with Karen and I and is very happy.  We are looking forward to your continued reports MW.  We miss you.

Dr. Kroager,time has not been going that fast  for me.  I miss you as well.  I have not made it to my destination as of yet, but am enjoying every part of my journey. Please tell Chloe I miss her as well.  Kittens?  She had kittens?  I would like to see pictures of them Dr. Kroager.


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One Response to “Time Paradox”

  1. It is sad that Cloe is getting older. I wish MW could have taken Cloe with him but I guess the kitty wouldn’t have had too great of a life trapped inside a probe in space.

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