Comets Journey

By On October 29th, 2010

It has been a four day’s journey and I am sensing a spacial phenomena  known as a comet.

Definition: comet: A chunk of frozen gasses, ice, and rocky debris that orbits the Sun. A comet nucleus is about the size of a mountain on Earth. When a comet nears the Sun, heat vaporizes the icy material producing a cloud of gaseous material surrounding the nucleus, called a coma. As the nucleus begins to disintegrate, it also produces a trail of dust or dust tail in its orbital path and a gas or ion tail pointing away from the Sun. Comet comas can extend up to a million miles from the nucleus and comet tails can be millions of miles long. There are thought to be literally trillions of comets in our solar system out past Neptune and Pluto, but only once a decade or so does one become near and bright enough to see easily without binoculars or a telescope.

I will be recording this and sending a report of sensor readings and musical interpretation of this.  It appears to be ancient in origin with a massive form.  The crystals streaking from it as the tail are spectacular to behold.  So many colors I can’t describe the sensation.  Being so close to it as I pass is such great thing as the details are tremendous.  I am going to slow down a bit to make accurate readings. I can just imagine the journey this comet has been on.    I have stored enough energy to achieve light speed within five minutes of initiation.  I will attempt to communicate with Dr. Kroager upon my velocity change.  To do this I initiate a maneuver called “end over end” where my body rotates around the vehicle I am in tandem with.  The sensations from slowing are again tremendous as I feel I am phasing in and out of real time.  It has allowed me to record the experience in a unique way, but I fear the recording will come out phased, much like I am feeling.

Dr. Kroager can you hear me?

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