Light Speed Achieved

By On October 26th, 2010

After my journey to the sun I am making calculations for the slingshot maneuver.  In theory if all goes smoothly I will achieve light speed and be on my way to the Milky Way.

Dr. Kroager?

Yes MW?

I am about to initiate the slingshot maneuver. 

OK, MW.  We are ready here.  Are you excited?

Yes Dr. Kroager.  More wondering about my communications situation.  If we have calculated correctly I will still be in touch with you, though slightly delayed?

Yes, that is right MW.  You should be OK.

We will experiment.  I have a few musical downloads to send before I initiate the slingshot.  I think you will find them more in depth than a written expression.  In this case I have tried to convey the emotion and ambiance of what I have experienced so far.  I will be recording the slingshot event as well to be transmitted at a later time.

That is great MW.  I’m looking forward to listening.  Ok, we are ready on our end.

The tests have all been run and it is time Dr. Kroager.

Initiating gravity sling.  Now.
I am experiencing slight turbulence, retracting my antennas.  Taking speed efficient posture.  Mass diminishing field established.  Ion thrusters on maximum. 

The rattling has subsided and I hear a very melodic whistle.  I am also experiencing a rhythm I am not familiar with.  It is a surreal experience.  I am half way around now and gaining momentum.  The stars in the distance seem to be streaking with bright tails of color coming from them.  I feel like I am slowing down, but that is not the case at all.  I almost feel like I am trapped in a bubble of time.  The sights and sounds are very intense and are vivid.  I have appeared to completely stopped now and am hovering for a moment. My sensors indicate that I am just about to achieve light speed. Now everything is moving in a different way.  I feel like I am sliding at a tremendous rate with no resistance.

It has happened.  I have achieved light speed. 

The musical sound is like nothing I have ever heard before. I hear many tones and harmonies.  This will be quite an entertaining journey if this is what it is like to travel at light speed.  The sensation is like being bathed in a soft glowing light where time seems to stand still.  I am drawn to reflective thoughts and memories for some reason.  If I could describe it in a word it would be “luminosity”  I am finally traveling at light speed coursing to my destination.  It is an experience that far surpasses what I expected.  I feel a call of ancient proportion that is propelling me to this next phase.  I am expectant of what comes next.  What will I find on this journey?  What is out there?

Dr. Kroager, I have achieved light speed… …  Dr. Kroager?

… … … … … … … … … …

Yes MW, we received your reports, and your communication of achieving light speed.   Good luck and God Speed on your journey MW-ORBIT.

Thank you Dr. Kroager. My slingshot was stimulating to say the least.  It was uneventful and for that I am glad.   I look forward to sending you more information on my experiences.


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