On my way to the sun

By On October 23rd, 2010

With great anticipation platform C was cleared and I was ready to launch.  My ion engines will take a few hours to kick in properly, but once they are in full thrust I will be well on my way to the sun.  The sun is approximately 1 AU from Earth.  That is short for Astronomical unit, which in layman’s terms is 92,955,887.6 miles or 149,597,870.7 kilometers.  The distance actually varies because of the sun at different times of the year depending on its elliptical orbit. 

At exactly 8:43 p.m.  The clearance was given, I signaled Dr. Kroager and then ignited the attached thrusters.  I was propelled forward at an alarming rate.  When launching from Earth on the elevator I went 17,500 mph (28,000 kilometers per hour) but with the distance and weightlessness my thrusters will achieve the 96,875 mph that it will require for me to be at the Sun in four days. I will actually reach it sooner due to the gravity as I grow closer. 

My initial launch was a blur to me as at first it was very forceful.  I had not yet gone these speeds so it was a shock to my systems.  As soon as I initiated my resistance shield and the rocket boosters were released things smoothed out and my ion engines kicked in.  From there I am now clipping along at a speed of approximately 96,500 miles per hour.  I had to re-adjust one of my antennas as it was causing high pitched sound that interfered with my communications system.  So far I am able to send and receive messages with no problem. 

The clarity from here is absolutely amazing.  I will be passing Earth’s moon in around 10 minutes, it is spectacular from this distance.

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