Escape Velocity

By On October 19th, 2010

The sky was clear as the countdown began.  All systems were go and I had said my goodbyes to Chloe and Dr. Kroager.  At exactly 6 p.m. the engines ignited and the elevator began to move upward.  At first it was almost like I was in slow motion as the smoke and debri surrounded me.  Then as the carrier moved up on the cable it began to gain momentum.  The sound of the wind was deafening as I gained more and more speed.  Things began to rattle and shake all around me in spite of the stabilizers that were activated.  I was constantly taking readings and they all appeared to be at acceptable levels.  As the air began to thin friction began to heat up everything on the carrier.  My shield activated and protected me from the heat.  For a few moments fire surrounded me and I was unable to see anything except the flames.  At one point I almost thought I would give the signal to abort as the turbulence became intolerable.  Then all of the sudden I was through the atmosphere and hovering in lack of gravity.  It was at this point that the elevator slowed to a stop.  Then I heard the clutch engage and the rollers began to move as the cable pulled me upward toward the distant platform C.  I began to take pictures of the beautiful looking Earth below me as the curvature came into view.

The elvator moved very slowly taking almost one hour till I arrived at Platform C.  The astronauts greeted me as I helped them undo my restraints.  We ran tests together and then unloaded the elevator and sent the carrier back to Earth. 

Platform C is the third in a trio of space platforms designed to launch things more easily into orbit.  It, along with the other platforms,  supply moon base Gamma3 with their needs as they research colonization on other planets and moons.  It is also designed to be a launching pad for deep space missions such as myself.   It is a very large platform with several living quarters for the attending astronauts, and many cargo containers.  It has a robotic retrieval system in place to organize and store the supplies and various space craft that are housed here. 

I have done a few repair jobs for the astronauts since I can be outside for prolonged periods of time without oxygen.  I actualy don’t need any.  Tomorrow I will be put on the launch pad of platform C that was designed for me by Dr. Kroager.  I am feeling ready but nervous about the next few days.  I would like to get under way.  I was able to speak with Dr. Kroager and the team tonight before they went to bed.  Dr. Kroager enacted the video screen and I was able to see Chloe as well.  All and all it was a very emotional, but productive day. 

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