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All systems are checked and ready.  I have spent the morning with Dr. Kroager and Chloe.  She seems to be completely oblivious to my departure.  It is frustrating to say the least that a living being can only comprehend just so much.  I, of course, now understand the whole reason Dr. kroager gave her to me to watch over.  She was a prime example of a life form that did not communicate on a higher level of understanding.  If I do encounter life in the solar system, I am not guaranteed what type of form it will be in.  This exercise gave me much valuable information to prepare me for such an encounter. 

I was always a little uncomfortable with the idea of “possessing” another living being.  In a way it felt cruel, until Chloe began to show affection and enjoyed my company.  Now being separated from her feels cruel.  This is part of the emotion quotient.  Sometimes they can completely enhance my experiences while other time interfere with my objective in life.  Still, I would not trade emotions for what I felt at my initial activation.  Flat line and boring, void of life are all what I experienced.  Now the world around me and my life has color and ambiance.  I am surrounded by sights and sounds, textures and smells, and the desire to experience even more.

And now all that the team here at NASA has put into me, all the training, programing and effort that has gone in to me will be put to the test.

At 6 p.m.  I will be launched to the half way point of the space elevator.  I will travel upwards at Escape Velocityuntil the cable is clutched and then the elevator will pull me to platform C.  I will record this experience and convey it to the team.  Dr. Kroager assures me that everything will go as planned.  I have done my homework.  I do not anticipate any problems.

Dr. Kroager

Yes MW?

I have enjoyed my time learning with you.

I have enjoyed it as well MW.  You ok?

I am struggling Dr. Kroager.  I want to go on my mission, but I want to stay with Chloe and you as well.  I know I can’t do both.  Must I go on this mission?

Well MW, it’s your choice.  We believe in you and your mission, and we have prepared you for this very moment.  But you have a free will MW.  You can stay if you choose.

Dr. Kroager, do you always do what is expected of you?

Honestly?  No, not always. I try to put myself in a place where I can achieve what I’m supposed to do.  That’s not always possible.

Processing… … …

If I stayed what would I do?

You would live out your life doing tests, exploring Earth, it’s Ocean’s, Mountains and other areas.  You would have a busy life.

So, you created me knowing full well I might not do what you have asked me to do?

Yes MW.  It is a chance that we took.  You couldn’t really make the best choices if you had to do what we asked.  You wouldn’t have a free will then.  The success of this mission is that you be independant with the ability to choose.  I will tell you that if you take our challenge you will be fulfilled.  We have made you to discover life in the Milky Way.  You are designed and made for that purpose.  If you choose to stay, you will never use all of your giftings and talents that were afforded you.  In other words MW, you will never truly be happy or satisfied until you are out doing what you were made to do.

Processing… Processing… ….  ….

Dr. Kroager may I have a few minutes to contmeplate this decision.

Yes, by all means MW.  Take all the time you need.

Time lapse 14:00

Dr. Kroager are you there?

Yes MW.  I am here.  Just making sure you are secured to the elevator.

I have made my decision. 

Ok, then what have you decided MW.

I have decided that it would be selfish for me to stay here.  The purpose I have been given could change history and life on this planet as we know it.  I must fulfil the mission and take the risk of inconvenience to achieve my objective.  I will not let you or the team down.  I only ask one thing Dr. Kroager.

What is that MW?

That you take care of… … …

MW?  What’s going on?  Are you malfunctioning?

No Dr. Kroager.  I am overwhelmed with emotion.  It is interupting my speech patterns.

What is it MW?

Please take care of Chloe.

MW, I’m sorry this is so hard for you.  I promise you, I will take care of her.  I’ll keep her in the lab and we can check in with her everyday if you want.

That would make me feel better Dr. Kroager. 

Then that is what I will do for you MW.

It will be like Chloe’s Dream.

Like what?

Like Chloe’s dream.  When she sleeps she sometimes pushes her claws out and presses my body.  She then makes small noises and cuddles closer to me for warmth and affection.  Then she purrs. She feels safe and secure.   She will want someone to be close to. I will not be able to experience that, but you can give that to her. It will be like Chloe’s dream.

I’m not sure what to say MW.

Words are not necessary Dr. Kroager.  Just please take care of her.  Make her comfortable and let her dream.

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