Loaded up and ready

By On October 18th, 2010


At 6 p.m. I left the lab to be loaded onto my launching pad aboard the space elevator.  I said goodbye to several of Dr. Kroager’s team.  Dr. Kroager brought Chloe, my kitten, to the launching site and she is with me till the morning in her carrying case.  I have assured her that she will be missed.  She does not understand as she is just batting at the string I am dangling by her door.  I am trying to have courage.  I wish that I could switch my emotions off and on, but that is something that they were trying to avoid while designing me.  Only in extreme situations where I am in danger will my programming be automatic. 

Dr. Kroager just left a little while ago.  We played a game of chess and I won.  I will miss beating him, but have figured out a way to play while I am in transit. 

I have gone over my mission objectives many, many times.  Now I wait for launch tomorrow.  I now understand the feeling of excitement and dread all at the same time. 

Tomorrow my life changes forever.

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