Beautiful Country, Great food.

By On October 17th, 2010


I enjoyed seeing the Grand Canyon and the Great Lakes yesterday.  I was able to visit many places on Earth in a 24 hour period.  Not only was it a test of my scanning and traveling status, but it was a wonderful way to see the Earth before I leave tomorrow afternoon.  Thanks to the suggestions of my twitter followers I got to eat a Corn Dog from Disneyland.  I now understand the meaning of the word delicious.  If I was human, I could only limit my eating to that type of food to a few times a year as it was very full of fat and sugar.  It is what made it taste so good. 

I was able to spend some time with Chloe this morning.  She does not understand that I will be leaving.  I will really miss her.  The attachment to living beings is surprisingly strong.  For some reason, because she can not communicate like a human being it is harder.  I will not be able to send her messages or communicate with her when I am gone.  At least I can communicate with Dr. Kroager and for that I am grateful. 

I have been well prepared for my mission and am ready to hunt for life in the Universe. 

I will be transported to the propelled space elevator tonight at 6 p.m.  From there I will wait as the tests are done for the launch of the elevator.  It will be launched with a solid rocket fuel base and as soon as I reach ESCAPE VELOCITY it will force me into  the upper atmosphere where the boron nitride cable will function correctly.   Platform C is orbiting Earth and I will be there for a few days before launching towards the Sun.  From there I will slingshot around the sun and use the gravitational forces to achieve light speed.  I will be the first intelligent being to function at light speed.  We are not exactly sure what this will mean for communications, and we are not aware of any time aspects at this point.  I have been programmed for all of these things, but actually being there will answer most of our questions.  The previous tests were positive to a point, but because the object used to test was not sentient it could not trouble shoot and make decisions in a manner conducive to the results desired.

I will be recording all of these experiences for not only text based reports, but will also be transmitting audio interpretations as well.

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  1. Mw-orbit, please do not feel like you can not send messages to Chloe. Many people will call home & leave voice messages on their phone’s answering machines for their pets. I am sure Chloe will miss you also.

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