My last weekend on Earth

By On October 16th, 2010


I have been so busy lately I have not had time to update you on my progress.  I now have been updated on all the history of the Air Force concerning extra terrestrial life.  I have also studied anatomy of human beings, animals, reptiles, fish and birds.  My meteorology data is up to date and I have had several meetings with the therapist in order to deal with prolonged absence of physical contact with other beings that I am familiar with.

I find that my biggest concern now is not my mission as much as the people and animal that I am leaving behind.  Over the last few weeks I have come to enjoy watching my kitten grow and learn.  I have tried to figure out a way to take her with me on the journey, but Dr. Kroager assures me that millions of dollars would be required and even then he is not sure that she could survive light speed.  This makes me sad.

I am driven though, driven to see the Universe and discover what is out there.  Without risk I will never discover.  Without discovery my purpose is diminished.  Just to be is not enough for any sentient being.  We must discover, we must live more than simply exist.

I am spending my last two full days on Earth by visiting some locations that I may never see again.  I will be visiting the Grand Canyon in the morning, followed by the Great Lakes in the evening.  On Sunday, before my loading onto the elevator, I will be meeting with astronauts that have already experienced missions in space.  I plan to ask them questions and listen to their stories as I prepare to leave. 

Dr. Kroager promised me that Chloe could come with us tomorrow, and will be with me up to the last moments before I launch on the elevator.  I have mixed feelings about this.  The night is clear and I am going to observe the sky. 

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