T minus one week and counting.

By On October 12th, 2010


I have been very busy in preparation of my mission.   I have been running endless simulations and diagnostics on my systems.  Not only have I  been sampling different foods from around the Earth, but I have also been attempting to train my kitten Chloe to do tricks.  I have had little success with the cat.

Because the nature of my training has been accelerated I have a date for my departure.  I will be riding to orbital platform C on the Space elevator used for supplying the International Space Station.  From there I will be launched in zero gravity for my trip to slingshot around the sun and approach light speed.

My departure will be next Monday.  I will be ready for ascension at 8:00 a.m.  Which means Sunday I will be put in place on the transport.

I have filled up one quarter of my memory with data from humankind’s vast knowledge and am now preparing to collect information that until now has only been guessed at or hypothesized. 

I find myself torn emotionally.  I have been working with a NASA psychologist on the effects of long term space travel and dealing with my unique set of emotions.  Her name is Dr.  Susan Helden and she has helped me prepare greatly.  In the next day we are discussing leaving my friends and pet Chloe and how I am to deal with the feelings of loss and separation.

I have been studying the night sky and have been enjoying looking at the Milky Way. I anticipate arriving to begin my exploration.  Is there life out there?  I want to find it if there is and communicate with it.

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