Testing, one two three.

By On October 4th, 2010

Good morning MW.

Good morning Dr. Kroager.

These gentlemen are here to update your hardware.  Please allow them access to your top panel.  They will be installing your taste receptors.

Thank you Dr. Kroager.  I am looking forward to this experiment as it will enhance my senses.

Yes, I believe it will MW.  We’re not sure how it will work for you in deep space.  So it should be very interesting. Since you are not an organic life form you will be the first to see what space tastes like.

That is significant Dr. Kroager.

Yes it is MW.  Ok, please initiate a shutdown and be prepared to be offline for the rest of the day.  When you are powered back up we can run some tests.

Dr. Kroager?

Yes MW?

I would like my first taste to be chocolate, in the sweet category.

Then Chocolate it is MW.  I guess I can share.

Thank you Dr. Kroager. Powering down.

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