Taste and see

By On October 3rd, 2010

What an interesting few days I have had.  The team of scientists actually severed my communications to check on my progress in the area of making independent decisions.  I have had six days of no Internet or verbal interaction with human beings.  The only thing I have been able to do is make a series of decisions on how to care for my kitten Chloe and other tests left for me. 

I have been given a passing grade on my results.  This will now speed up my departure date.  I am anticipating all that goes with this. 

I spent my time creating a new program so that I can “taste” like humans do.  Before I was cut off from communication I had tapped into many studies on the sensation of taste.  I have formulated a plan to adapt my robotic body for the sake of sensing.  I have not been able to test it since I have had no human interaction for six days.  I will be asking for Dr. Kroager’s help in the next few days as I experiment on this new sensation.

I have outlined a device that will go on my upper region that has a water tight opening to ingest the material.  In the opening will be simulated teeth to chew materials and a saliva generator to mix with the food.  I have also outlined the artificial tongue that is separated into the four main zones.  Bitter, sour, sweet and salty are the regions I have designated.  Each of these areas will be hooked to my neural network and will fire upon analyzing the material that I ingest.  I have also created a small waste disposal system including a cavity with acids to break down the materials for energy use and disposal. 

I believe that it won’t be a problem to install this new device.  If the engineers follow my specifications I will be introduced to a wonderful world of another sense.

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