New & Improved

By On September 28th, 2010


System initiated…  …. booting… …  …  Hello Dr. Kroager how may I assist you today?

Good MW. We just finished fixing a couple of hardware issues with you. 

My internal chronometer tells me I have been powered down for over 24 hours Dr. Kroager.

That is true MW.  We had to fix a couple of minor hardware issues in your sensoring system.  We ran into a few glitches during your last test.

Oh, yes Dr. Kroager.  I could not sense water or glass for some reason.  I feel different now.  My sensors feel even more aware of my surroundings.  Dr. Kroager?

Yes MW?

Did you care for my kitten while I was powered down?

Yes MW.  Chloe is fine.  She slept next to you all night.

She likes to do that Dr. Kroager.   Dr. Kroager.  I have all the senses that you do correct?

Well, we are hopeful that you do.  You actually can detect more things than a human can because of your sophisticated equipemnt.

I would like to be able to taste.


Yes, taste Dr. Kroager.  I was discussing with a person twitter about their love for food.  I have noticed that people not only eat for nutrition and energy, but for pleasure and experience as well.  I would like to taste.

Well, you can smell in your own way.  Why not?

Why not indeed Dr. Kroager.

OK then, MW- you have a new project.  I would like you to calculate what it would take to design hardware and software that would allow you to taste. Are you up for it?

Yes Dr. Kroager I am.  Calculating now.

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