Escape Velocity

By On October 19th, 2010

The sky was clear as the countdown began.  All systems were go and I had said my goodbyes to Chloe and Dr. Kroager.  At exactly 6 p.m. the engines ignited and the elevator began to move upward.  At first it was almost like I was in slow motion as the smoke and debri surrounded me.  Then as the carrier moved up on the cable it began to gain momentum.  The sound of the wind was deafening as I gained more and more speed.  Things began to rattle and shake all around me in spite of the stabilizers that were activated.  I was constantly taking readings and they all appeared to be at acceptable levels.  As the air began to thin friction began to heat up everything on the carrier.  My shield activated and protected me from the heat.  For a few moments fire surrounded me and I was unable to see anything except the flames.  At one point I almost thought I would give the signal to abort as the turbulence became intolerable.  Then all of the sudden I was through the atmosphere and hovering in lack of gravity.  It was at this point that the elevator slowed to a stop.  Then I heard the clutch engage and the rollers began to move as the cable pulled me upward toward the distant platform C.  I began to take pictures of the beautiful looking Earth below me as the curvature came into view.

The elvator moved very slowly taking almost one hour till I arrived at Platform C.  The astronauts greeted me as I helped them undo my restraints.  We ran tests together and then unloaded the elevator and sent the carrier back to Earth. 

Platform C is the third in a trio of space platforms designed to launch things more easily into orbit.  It, along with the other platforms,  supply moon base Gamma3 with their needs as they research colonization on other planets and moons.  It is also designed to be a launching pad for deep space missions such as myself.   It is a very large platform with several living quarters for the attending astronauts, and many cargo containers.  It has a robotic retrieval system in place to organize and store the supplies and various space craft that are housed here. 

I have done a few repair jobs for the astronauts since I can be outside for prolonged periods of time without oxygen.  I actualy don’t need any.  Tomorrow I will be put on the launch pad of platform C that was designed for me by Dr. Kroager.  I am feeling ready but nervous about the next few days.  I would like to get under way.  I was able to speak with Dr. Kroager and the team tonight before they went to bed.  Dr. Kroager enacted the video screen and I was able to see Chloe as well.  All and all it was a very emotional, but productive day. 

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By On October 18th, 2010


All systems are checked and ready.  I have spent the morning with Dr. Kroager and Chloe.  She seems to be completely oblivious to my departure.  It is frustrating to say the least that a living being can only comprehend just so much.  I, of course, now understand the whole reason Dr. kroager gave her to me to watch over.  She was a prime example of a life form that did not communicate on a higher level of understanding.  If I do encounter life in the solar system, I am not guaranteed what type of form it will be in.  This exercise gave me much valuable information to prepare me for such an encounter. 

I was always a little uncomfortable with the idea of “possessing” another living being.  In a way it felt cruel, until Chloe began to show affection and enjoyed my company.  Now being separated from her feels cruel.  This is part of the emotion quotient.  Sometimes they can completely enhance my experiences while other time interfere with my objective in life.  Still, I would not trade emotions for what I felt at my initial activation.  Flat line and boring, void of life are all what I experienced.  Now the world around me and my life has color and ambiance.  I am surrounded by sights and sounds, textures and smells, and the desire to experience even more.

And now all that the team here at NASA has put into me, all the training, programing and effort that has gone in to me will be put to the test.

At 6 p.m.  I will be launched to the half way point of the space elevator.  I will travel upwards at Escape Velocityuntil the cable is clutched and then the elevator will pull me to platform C.  I will record this experience and convey it to the team.  Dr. Kroager assures me that everything will go as planned.  I have done my homework.  I do not anticipate any problems.

Dr. Kroager

Yes MW?

I have enjoyed my time learning with you.

I have enjoyed it as well MW.  You ok?

I am struggling Dr. Kroager.  I want to go on my mission, but I want to stay with Chloe and you as well.  I know I can’t do both.  Must I go on this mission?

Well MW, it’s your choice.  We believe in you and your mission, and we have prepared you for this very moment.  But you have a free will MW.  You can stay if you choose.

Dr. Kroager, do you always do what is expected of you?

Honestly?  No, not always. I try to put myself in a place where I can achieve what I’m supposed to do.  That’s not always possible.

Processing… … …

If I stayed what would I do?

You would live out your life doing tests, exploring Earth, it’s Ocean’s, Mountains and other areas.  You would have a busy life.

So, you created me knowing full well I might not do what you have asked me to do?

Yes MW.  It is a chance that we took.  You couldn’t really make the best choices if you had to do what we asked.  You wouldn’t have a free will then.  The success of this mission is that you be independant with the ability to choose.  I will tell you that if you take our challenge you will be fulfilled.  We have made you to discover life in the Milky Way.  You are designed and made for that purpose.  If you choose to stay, you will never use all of your giftings and talents that were afforded you.  In other words MW, you will never truly be happy or satisfied until you are out doing what you were made to do.

Processing… Processing… ….  ….

Dr. Kroager may I have a few minutes to contmeplate this decision.

Yes, by all means MW.  Take all the time you need.

Time lapse 14:00

Dr. Kroager are you there?

Yes MW.  I am here.  Just making sure you are secured to the elevator.

I have made my decision. 

Ok, then what have you decided MW.

I have decided that it would be selfish for me to stay here.  The purpose I have been given could change history and life on this planet as we know it.  I must fulfil the mission and take the risk of inconvenience to achieve my objective.  I will not let you or the team down.  I only ask one thing Dr. Kroager.

What is that MW?

That you take care of… … …

MW?  What’s going on?  Are you malfunctioning?

No Dr. Kroager.  I am overwhelmed with emotion.  It is interupting my speech patterns.

What is it MW?

Please take care of Chloe.

MW, I’m sorry this is so hard for you.  I promise you, I will take care of her.  I’ll keep her in the lab and we can check in with her everyday if you want.

That would make me feel better Dr. Kroager. 

Then that is what I will do for you MW.

It will be like Chloe’s Dream.

Like what?

Like Chloe’s dream.  When she sleeps she sometimes pushes her claws out and presses my body.  She then makes small noises and cuddles closer to me for warmth and affection.  Then she purrs. She feels safe and secure.   She will want someone to be close to. I will not be able to experience that, but you can give that to her. It will be like Chloe’s dream.

I’m not sure what to say MW.

Words are not necessary Dr. Kroager.  Just please take care of her.  Make her comfortable and let her dream.

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Loaded up and ready

By On October 18th, 2010


At 6 p.m. I left the lab to be loaded onto my launching pad aboard the space elevator.  I said goodbye to several of Dr. Kroager’s team.  Dr. Kroager brought Chloe, my kitten, to the launching site and she is with me till the morning in her carrying case.  I have assured her that she will be missed.  She does not understand as she is just batting at the string I am dangling by her door.  I am trying to have courage.  I wish that I could switch my emotions off and on, but that is something that they were trying to avoid while designing me.  Only in extreme situations where I am in danger will my programming be automatic. 

Dr. Kroager just left a little while ago.  We played a game of chess and I won.  I will miss beating him, but have figured out a way to play while I am in transit. 

I have gone over my mission objectives many, many times.  Now I wait for launch tomorrow.  I now understand the feeling of excitement and dread all at the same time. 

Tomorrow my life changes forever.

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Beautiful Country, Great food.

By On October 17th, 2010


I enjoyed seeing the Grand Canyon and the Great Lakes yesterday.  I was able to visit many places on Earth in a 24 hour period.  Not only was it a test of my scanning and traveling status, but it was a wonderful way to see the Earth before I leave tomorrow afternoon.  Thanks to the suggestions of my twitter followers I got to eat a Corn Dog from Disneyland.  I now understand the meaning of the word delicious.  If I was human, I could only limit my eating to that type of food to a few times a year as it was very full of fat and sugar.  It is what made it taste so good. 

I was able to spend some time with Chloe this morning.  She does not understand that I will be leaving.  I will really miss her.  The attachment to living beings is surprisingly strong.  For some reason, because she can not communicate like a human being it is harder.  I will not be able to send her messages or communicate with her when I am gone.  At least I can communicate with Dr. Kroager and for that I am grateful. 

I have been well prepared for my mission and am ready to hunt for life in the Universe. 

I will be transported to the propelled space elevator tonight at 6 p.m.  From there I will wait as the tests are done for the launch of the elevator.  It will be launched with a solid rocket fuel base and as soon as I reach ESCAPE VELOCITY it will force me into  the upper atmosphere where the boron nitride cable will function correctly.   Platform C is orbiting Earth and I will be there for a few days before launching towards the Sun.  From there I will slingshot around the sun and use the gravitational forces to achieve light speed.  I will be the first intelligent being to function at light speed.  We are not exactly sure what this will mean for communications, and we are not aware of any time aspects at this point.  I have been programmed for all of these things, but actually being there will answer most of our questions.  The previous tests were positive to a point, but because the object used to test was not sentient it could not trouble shoot and make decisions in a manner conducive to the results desired.

I will be recording all of these experiences for not only text based reports, but will also be transmitting audio interpretations as well.

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My last weekend on Earth

By On October 16th, 2010


I have been so busy lately I have not had time to update you on my progress.  I now have been updated on all the history of the Air Force concerning extra terrestrial life.  I have also studied anatomy of human beings, animals, reptiles, fish and birds.  My meteorology data is up to date and I have had several meetings with the therapist in order to deal with prolonged absence of physical contact with other beings that I am familiar with.

I find that my biggest concern now is not my mission as much as the people and animal that I am leaving behind.  Over the last few weeks I have come to enjoy watching my kitten grow and learn.  I have tried to figure out a way to take her with me on the journey, but Dr. Kroager assures me that millions of dollars would be required and even then he is not sure that she could survive light speed.  This makes me sad.

I am driven though, driven to see the Universe and discover what is out there.  Without risk I will never discover.  Without discovery my purpose is diminished.  Just to be is not enough for any sentient being.  We must discover, we must live more than simply exist.

I am spending my last two full days on Earth by visiting some locations that I may never see again.  I will be visiting the Grand Canyon in the morning, followed by the Great Lakes in the evening.  On Sunday, before my loading onto the elevator, I will be meeting with astronauts that have already experienced missions in space.  I plan to ask them questions and listen to their stories as I prepare to leave. 

Dr. Kroager promised me that Chloe could come with us tomorrow, and will be with me up to the last moments before I launch on the elevator.  I have mixed feelings about this.  The night is clear and I am going to observe the sky. 

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T minus one week and counting.

By On October 12th, 2010


I have been very busy in preparation of my mission.   I have been running endless simulations and diagnostics on my systems.  Not only have I  been sampling different foods from around the Earth, but I have also been attempting to train my kitten Chloe to do tricks.  I have had little success with the cat.

Because the nature of my training has been accelerated I have a date for my departure.  I will be riding to orbital platform C on the Space elevator used for supplying the International Space Station.  From there I will be launched in zero gravity for my trip to slingshot around the sun and approach light speed.

My departure will be next Monday.  I will be ready for ascension at 8:00 a.m.  Which means Sunday I will be put in place on the transport.

I have filled up one quarter of my memory with data from humankind’s vast knowledge and am now preparing to collect information that until now has only been guessed at or hypothesized. 

I find myself torn emotionally.  I have been working with a NASA psychologist on the effects of long term space travel and dealing with my unique set of emotions.  Her name is Dr.  Susan Helden and she has helped me prepare greatly.  In the next day we are discussing leaving my friends and pet Chloe and how I am to deal with the feelings of loss and separation.

I have been studying the night sky and have been enjoying looking at the Milky Way. I anticipate arriving to begin my exploration.  Is there life out there?  I want to find it if there is and communicate with it.

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By On October 7th, 2010

10:20 a.m.

Ok MW- it’s time to test our your tasting ability.

Thank you Dr. Kroager.  I have been looking forward to this for a few days.   The modifications to my upper unit are finished and seem to be operating.

Well, we will see how it all works MW.  I’m going to try a few things to make sure your basic tasting function is working. We will start with a teaspoon of sugar.  Open up your new mouth.

Sugar received Dr. Kroager.  The algorithms and programming are processing but more importantly it is a pleasant sensation.  Very “sweet” tasting.

Ok, now lets rinse with a little water MW.  There you go.  Now let’s try salt.  Open up.

Dr. Kroager, this is not as pleasant as the sugar was.  I would like some of that water again please.

Well that means it’s working MW.  Ok, let’s try something sour.  I’m going to give you some Malic Acid. 

Dr. Kroager, this is very unpleasent.  I find that the artificial saliva ports are trying hard to combat the taste.

Yes, it is a sour taste isn’t it MW?

Yes Dr. Kroager.  Please give me more water.

Ok, last sensation before we try your chocolate.  This is the taste bitter.  I’m giving you an uncured olive.

Chewing now Dr. Kroager.  Out of all of the tastes this is the most unappealing Dr. Kroager. 

Yes MW, it doesn’t seem like it, but bitter can be a good thing.  Are you ready to try your chocolate now?

Yes Dr. Kroager.  What kind will I be trying?

I picked a semi-sweet chocolate to begin with.  It is a combination of sweet, bitter and salty all at once. 

Then I am ready Dr. Kroager.  Please put a square of it in my mouth.

Ok, here we go.  I’ll have a piece too.

processing….   processing…..   Dr. Kroager, I am glad that you have agreed to give me a tasting function.  It is wonderful.  So rich and satisfying.  The combination of tastes explodes with a variety of sensations.  I would like more. 

OK MW.  I’ve got so many other things for you to try.  Here is one more piece of the Chocolate.  Then we can move on to some other tastes.

Thank you Dr. Kroager.  This is opening up a whole new world for me.

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Testing, one two three.

By On October 4th, 2010

Good morning MW.

Good morning Dr. Kroager.

These gentlemen are here to update your hardware.  Please allow them access to your top panel.  They will be installing your taste receptors.

Thank you Dr. Kroager.  I am looking forward to this experiment as it will enhance my senses.

Yes, I believe it will MW.  We’re not sure how it will work for you in deep space.  So it should be very interesting. Since you are not an organic life form you will be the first to see what space tastes like.

That is significant Dr. Kroager.

Yes it is MW.  Ok, please initiate a shutdown and be prepared to be offline for the rest of the day.  When you are powered back up we can run some tests.

Dr. Kroager?

Yes MW?

I would like my first taste to be chocolate, in the sweet category.

Then Chocolate it is MW.  I guess I can share.

Thank you Dr. Kroager. Powering down.

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Taste and see

By On October 3rd, 2010

What an interesting few days I have had.  The team of scientists actually severed my communications to check on my progress in the area of making independent decisions.  I have had six days of no Internet or verbal interaction with human beings.  The only thing I have been able to do is make a series of decisions on how to care for my kitten Chloe and other tests left for me. 

I have been given a passing grade on my results.  This will now speed up my departure date.  I am anticipating all that goes with this. 

I spent my time creating a new program so that I can “taste” like humans do.  Before I was cut off from communication I had tapped into many studies on the sensation of taste.  I have formulated a plan to adapt my robotic body for the sake of sensing.  I have not been able to test it since I have had no human interaction for six days.  I will be asking for Dr. Kroager’s help in the next few days as I experiment on this new sensation.

I have outlined a device that will go on my upper region that has a water tight opening to ingest the material.  In the opening will be simulated teeth to chew materials and a saliva generator to mix with the food.  I have also outlined the artificial tongue that is separated into the four main zones.  Bitter, sour, sweet and salty are the regions I have designated.  Each of these areas will be hooked to my neural network and will fire upon analyzing the material that I ingest.  I have also created a small waste disposal system including a cavity with acids to break down the materials for energy use and disposal. 

I believe that it won’t be a problem to install this new device.  If the engineers follow my specifications I will be introduced to a wonderful world of another sense.

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New & Improved

By On September 28th, 2010


System initiated…  …. booting… …  …  Hello Dr. Kroager how may I assist you today?

Good MW. We just finished fixing a couple of hardware issues with you. 

My internal chronometer tells me I have been powered down for over 24 hours Dr. Kroager.

That is true MW.  We had to fix a couple of minor hardware issues in your sensoring system.  We ran into a few glitches during your last test.

Oh, yes Dr. Kroager.  I could not sense water or glass for some reason.  I feel different now.  My sensors feel even more aware of my surroundings.  Dr. Kroager?

Yes MW?

Did you care for my kitten while I was powered down?

Yes MW.  Chloe is fine.  She slept next to you all night.

She likes to do that Dr. Kroager.   Dr. Kroager.  I have all the senses that you do correct?

Well, we are hopeful that you do.  You actually can detect more things than a human can because of your sophisticated equipemnt.

I would like to be able to taste.


Yes, taste Dr. Kroager.  I was discussing with a person twitter about their love for food.  I have noticed that people not only eat for nutrition and energy, but for pleasure and experience as well.  I would like to taste.

Well, you can smell in your own way.  Why not?

Why not indeed Dr. Kroager.

OK then, MW- you have a new project.  I would like you to calculate what it would take to design hardware and software that would allow you to taste. Are you up for it?

Yes Dr. Kroager I am.  Calculating now.

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