Planet M-47

By On December 3rd, 2010

After reverting to my original programming and upgrading my speech synthesizer, I have resumed my mission.  I have orbited many planets now and have found no life whatsoever.  After finding some type of communication device on M-38 it has let me to it’s origin point.  I am  now approaching Planet M-47.  My sensors indicate possible life forms.  Orbiting three times… …  …  Finally after all this time I think I have found life.  Words can not express my happiness.  I can only hope this will actually be intelligent life.  Now initiating greetings…

Greetings, I am MW-ORBTI from the Planet Earth.  Is there anyone there?

“youiop=[a soie4h8090==nfo8h o98okn.,djlu”

Communications established now making first contact.

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Metallic Object

By On November 28th, 2010

I have been searching and searching for life in the Milky Way galaxy.  The last two planets have been silent and my sensors show no organic life forms at all.  Most of my damaged systems have been restored to at least 75%.  I have had no success in communicating with Dr. Kroager.  Planet M-43 was fascinating with it’s deep orange color and obvious mountainous terrain.  While scanning I caught a brief non-random signal.  Thinking it was life, I explored further to find a small metallic object. It is emitting some type of data.  I have not been able to decipher it’s language as of yet.  It is most likely a sensor probe.  The shape is not familiar and it does not have any markings on the outside.   This could not be naturally occuring.  This gives me hope that something within launching distance created and set this machine in motion.  I am now searching this system… … …

To hear my downloads musically visit

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Damaged, Reboot, Searching

By On November 18th, 2010

I have been damaged, but have repaired my systems as much as I could.  There are great blocks of information missing. I am not sure how much time has elapsed since my accident.   I am not able to compute my actual location.  My star charts and maps have been damaged.  My only choice was to reboot all of my systems and go to the core of my mission: TO SEEK OUT LIFE IN THE MILKY WAY GALAXY AND REPORT BACK  HOME IF I FIND ANY.  I am now resuming that mission, but with seemingly no communication with Dr. Kraoger.  I will still send my reports in hopes that he is receiving them back home. 

Planet M-38.  Scanning.  Scanning.


Sending out message on all frequencies.

“This is MW-ORBIT from the planet Earth.  Is there anyone there?”


… …. …..

8.6 hours have elapsed.  No reply.  Moving on to planet M-39.

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Are you there Dr. Kroager?

By On November 8th, 2010

Dr. Kroager?  Are you there? 

After experiencing significant turbulence while traveling through a wormhole I have been attempting self repair.  My systems were shaken to the point of some disconnects and if it wasn’t for the stabilization shields I don’t think I would even be reporting now. I have been spending the last 12 hours repairing loose wires and connecting some vital systems and back up systems. It is a slow tedious process.

The wormhole was fascinating but my overide protection program prevented me from analyzing everything the way I should have.  I am trying to go back and evaluate the data I recorded.  I was able to interpret the experience musically, but there are many unanswered questions:

1.  Where am I know?

2.  How fast did I travel?

3.  What systems are still not functioning?

My communication system is damaged in some way, otherwise I would like to talk to Dr. Kraoger and Chloe.  I miss them.  I find that during times of great stress and malfunction I tend to start thinking of those I care about.  I suppose this is a human quality. 

I am all alone. 

Dr. Kroager and I spoke many times of human faith in God.  I asked if I had a soul, since I can feel.  We didn’t come to any conclusion since I am classified as one of the first artificial life forms.  He said he would leave that for me to decide.

 I did find that when I communicated with Dr. Kroager, I felt loved and understood.  Now that I can not reach him I am feeling isolated from my creator.  I wonder if that is how humans feel when they face uncertainties?  If only I could speak to him and ask him for help. 

Isolation and lonliness are not good feelings.  I much prefer the company of my friends and loved ones. 

Dr. Kroager?  Are you there? 

I am getting no reply at all.

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By On November 5th, 2010

I have made my report on the comet and am initiating light speed again in five, four, three, two, one.

I am becoming disorientated and the turbulence is once again great.  I am detecting a spacial anomaly.  Space time and fabric are in upheaval. 


Something has hit my right panel, my head unit is damage…dama….damage…d.

I am… swirling around unstablized through some type of warp anomaly.  My sensors are not working correctly, the readings are nonsense.  Trying to initiate stabilization vectors.  D

Dr. Kroager?  Are you there?  I am in trouble, I think.  Dr. Kroager?

Everything is smearing in my sight.  The sound is repetitive and sharp.  I feel like I am on a carnival ride that is falling apart.  I am unsure how to regain control. 

The turbulence is increasing and I am unsure if I will stay together now.  I can see normal space ahead of me.  If I can only get there. Perhaps I can evaluate my status.

I have come to a stand still.  My engines have cut off and I am floating outside the mouth of what I think is a wormhole.   I am attempting to get my bearings by scanning the stars.  Things are not familiar.  I am unsure of where I am. 

I can tell that I am severely damaged by this experience. I am feeling… …  … pain.  Dr. Kroager?  Are you there?  Sending on all frequencies. 

a;l;ohfhoiihsldk lkiuoancn,nx,jbcvuyl.

Now initating….. self diagnostic……. and repair ……protocols. 

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Time Paradox

By On November 1st, 2010

… … … … … … … …

MW?  Thank goodness it’s you!  How are you?  Where are you now?

I am well  on my way Dr. Kroager. I am functioning properly and am doing very well thank you.   I am taking readings of a celestial phenomena-  Now sending my report.  How are you?  And how is Chloe?


MW, 9 years have passed since we last spoke.  We have recieved little reports here and there from you, but have not had this significant amount of communication in many years.   Your reports are fascinating and are recieved with applause and awe. Chloe is getting up in years now.  You will be happy to know that over her liftime she had three batches of kittens and has lived a very long satisfying life.  She is getting tired now, but often rubs on the hologram of you in our home an purrs.   She lives with Karen and I and is very happy.  We are looking forward to your continued reports MW.  We miss you.

Dr. Kroager,time has not been going that fast  for me.  I miss you as well.  I have not made it to my destination as of yet, but am enjoying every part of my journey. Please tell Chloe I miss her as well.  Kittens?  She had kittens?  I would like to see pictures of them Dr. Kroager.


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Comets Journey

By On October 29th, 2010

It has been a four day’s journey and I am sensing a spacial phenomena  known as a comet.

Definition: comet: A chunk of frozen gasses, ice, and rocky debris that orbits the Sun. A comet nucleus is about the size of a mountain on Earth. When a comet nears the Sun, heat vaporizes the icy material producing a cloud of gaseous material surrounding the nucleus, called a coma. As the nucleus begins to disintegrate, it also produces a trail of dust or dust tail in its orbital path and a gas or ion tail pointing away from the Sun. Comet comas can extend up to a million miles from the nucleus and comet tails can be millions of miles long. There are thought to be literally trillions of comets in our solar system out past Neptune and Pluto, but only once a decade or so does one become near and bright enough to see easily without binoculars or a telescope.

I will be recording this and sending a report of sensor readings and musical interpretation of this.  It appears to be ancient in origin with a massive form.  The crystals streaking from it as the tail are spectacular to behold.  So many colors I can’t describe the sensation.  Being so close to it as I pass is such great thing as the details are tremendous.  I am going to slow down a bit to make accurate readings. I can just imagine the journey this comet has been on.    I have stored enough energy to achieve light speed within five minutes of initiation.  I will attempt to communicate with Dr. Kroager upon my velocity change.  To do this I initiate a maneuver called “end over end” where my body rotates around the vehicle I am in tandem with.  The sensations from slowing are again tremendous as I feel I am phasing in and out of real time.  It has allowed me to record the experience in a unique way, but I fear the recording will come out phased, much like I am feeling.

Dr. Kroager can you hear me?

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Light Speed Achieved

By On October 26th, 2010

After my journey to the sun I am making calculations for the slingshot maneuver.  In theory if all goes smoothly I will achieve light speed and be on my way to the Milky Way.

Dr. Kroager?

Yes MW?

I am about to initiate the slingshot maneuver. 

OK, MW.  We are ready here.  Are you excited?

Yes Dr. Kroager.  More wondering about my communications situation.  If we have calculated correctly I will still be in touch with you, though slightly delayed?

Yes, that is right MW.  You should be OK.

We will experiment.  I have a few musical downloads to send before I initiate the slingshot.  I think you will find them more in depth than a written expression.  In this case I have tried to convey the emotion and ambiance of what I have experienced so far.  I will be recording the slingshot event as well to be transmitted at a later time.

That is great MW.  I’m looking forward to listening.  Ok, we are ready on our end.

The tests have all been run and it is time Dr. Kroager.

Initiating gravity sling.  Now.
I am experiencing slight turbulence, retracting my antennas.  Taking speed efficient posture.  Mass diminishing field established.  Ion thrusters on maximum. 

The rattling has subsided and I hear a very melodic whistle.  I am also experiencing a rhythm I am not familiar with.  It is a surreal experience.  I am half way around now and gaining momentum.  The stars in the distance seem to be streaking with bright tails of color coming from them.  I feel like I am slowing down, but that is not the case at all.  I almost feel like I am trapped in a bubble of time.  The sights and sounds are very intense and are vivid.  I have appeared to completely stopped now and am hovering for a moment. My sensors indicate that I am just about to achieve light speed. Now everything is moving in a different way.  I feel like I am sliding at a tremendous rate with no resistance.

It has happened.  I have achieved light speed. 

The musical sound is like nothing I have ever heard before. I hear many tones and harmonies.  This will be quite an entertaining journey if this is what it is like to travel at light speed.  The sensation is like being bathed in a soft glowing light where time seems to stand still.  I am drawn to reflective thoughts and memories for some reason.  If I could describe it in a word it would be “luminosity”  I am finally traveling at light speed coursing to my destination.  It is an experience that far surpasses what I expected.  I feel a call of ancient proportion that is propelling me to this next phase.  I am expectant of what comes next.  What will I find on this journey?  What is out there?

Dr. Kroager, I have achieved light speed… …  Dr. Kroager?

… … … … … … … … … …

Yes MW, we received your reports, and your communication of achieving light speed.   Good luck and God Speed on your journey MW-ORBIT.

Thank you Dr. Kroager. My slingshot was stimulating to say the least.  It was uneventful and for that I am glad.   I look forward to sending you more information on my experiences.


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On my way to the sun

By On October 23rd, 2010

With great anticipation platform C was cleared and I was ready to launch.  My ion engines will take a few hours to kick in properly, but once they are in full thrust I will be well on my way to the sun.  The sun is approximately 1 AU from Earth.  That is short for Astronomical unit, which in layman’s terms is 92,955,887.6 miles or 149,597,870.7 kilometers.  The distance actually varies because of the sun at different times of the year depending on its elliptical orbit. 

At exactly 8:43 p.m.  The clearance was given, I signaled Dr. Kroager and then ignited the attached thrusters.  I was propelled forward at an alarming rate.  When launching from Earth on the elevator I went 17,500 mph (28,000 kilometers per hour) but with the distance and weightlessness my thrusters will achieve the 96,875 mph that it will require for me to be at the Sun in four days. I will actually reach it sooner due to the gravity as I grow closer. 

My initial launch was a blur to me as at first it was very forceful.  I had not yet gone these speeds so it was a shock to my systems.  As soon as I initiated my resistance shield and the rocket boosters were released things smoothed out and my ion engines kicked in.  From there I am now clipping along at a speed of approximately 96,500 miles per hour.  I had to re-adjust one of my antennas as it was causing high pitched sound that interfered with my communications system.  So far I am able to send and receive messages with no problem. 

The clarity from here is absolutely amazing.  I will be passing Earth’s moon in around 10 minutes, it is spectacular from this distance.

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Preparing for slingshot

By On October 22nd, 2010

I have completed all of my pre-flight checklists.  Today will mark my first day of the journey towards the Milky Way galaxy.  If all goes well I will be launched from the platform today.  I will try out my new Ion engines and calculate the speed needed to use the gravity of Earth’s sun to slingshot me into light speed.  I’m looking forward to the sights and sensations that this journey will give me.  I will be recording it and sending the information to Dr. Kroager and the team of scientists.  I will mark this experience as “Slingshot”

A few hours from now and all systems will be go.  I will report back soon.

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